"The element of surprise is that which lies outside the boundaries of nature."



Book Information

Arcadia, Book 2
Al Stone
YA Fantasy
Publisher: Centrinian
Publication Date: 12 August 2020 (first published 19 March 2014)
ISBN: 978-0995494138
Pages: 502

Book Description:


Despite having the protection of the talisman and the Legion, a reforming force of warrior angels and elementals, guarding his every move, things are not looking good for Charlie Blake. Tasked with the responsibility of saving mankind, finding the four diamonds to restore the talisman is all he can think of, but when his prophetic visions start to invade his reality and he suddenly can’t distinguish the dream world from the real world, the pending extinction of mankind becomes the least of his problems. Everyone assumes Charlie’s dormant powers are activating, until he starts showing symptoms of a deadly disease.

With his nemesis, Gaddis, threatening the lives of his loved ones, he faces a race against time to locate the Stone of Raphael, the air diamond, before an imminent pandemic destroys civilization. As he ventures into dangerous lands once again, he unearths shocking revelations about his past life that forces him to question his allegiance. With no one to turn to for answers, he can’t help but wonder if his purpose is truly to save mankind.

What Readers Are Saying

“What a great story! I couldn’t put the book down! I loved the first book but this one was even better. I can’t wait for book three!” – Carol OToole, Amazon Reviewer

“A much faster paced story line pitting Charlie and the Legion against their greatest foes. Charlie is rapidly becoming the leader he was born to be, and mixed between incredible battles with horrifying demons and dealing with antagonistic angels, he maintains his humor and finally develops a romantic relationship with Alex. Thoroughly entertaining and enjoyable, but be prepared for some sad news too.” – DGSANDERS49, Amazon Reviewer


‘Talk to me,’ Derkein said, studying Charlie with concern. ‘What happened back there? What did you mean when you asked me where I was?’

Charlie hesitated, aware of Derkein’s shallow breathing. ‘You weren’t here. I wasn’t here.’

‘I don’t understand. When you say “here”, are you referring to the forest?’

Charlie nodded. ‘I was somewhere else.’ He stepped away from the tree and glanced around the surroundings. ‘None of this was here. I wasn’t here.’

‘Can you tell me where you were?’

Charlie shook his head. ‘I don’t know. I was in a field somewhere. There were all these people and …’ He took a breath and squeezed his eyes shut.

‘And what?’ When Charlie opened his eyes, he saw that Derkein’s expression had turned to alarm. He sighed, not knowing if he should continue, though seeing the colour slowly draining from Derkein’s face was never a good sign. Right away, he knew what Derkein was thinking, and he didn’t have to tap into his abilities to figure it out. The truth was staring at him with sullen olive-green eyes.

‘It felt real,’ Charlie finally answered, his voice choked. ‘I thought it was real.’

For a moment, neither of them said anything.

‘Say it,’ Charlie urged.

Derkein stepped forward. ‘Charlie –’

‘Don’t patronise me,’ Charlie snapped, backing away from Derkein. ‘Don’t tell me everything is going to be okay. This is not okay.’

‘You’re right.’ Derkein’s shoulders lifted and dropped as he sighed.

‘Say it,’ Charlie repeated. ‘I know you’re thinking it, so just say it.’ He held his breath. He wasn’t quite prepared for what he was about to hear. He knew the truth. He just wasn’t ready to admit it.

When Candra had said he was going to experience drastic changes, he hadn’t contemplated this one. He didn’t think it was possible. It wasn’t supposed to be possible. After all, he was wide awake. He wasn’t dreaming.

When Derkein approached him this time, he didn’t back away. He couldn’t move. The moment Derkein rested a hand on his shoulder, Charlie’s heart raced. Every sound faded, and although he couldn’t hear Derkein’s voice, he could still read his lips.

‘I think you had a vision, Charlie.’

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