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Talisman Of El Reviewed by Deyonce (Age 10)

Talisman Of El Reviewed by Deyonce (Age 10)

Talisman Of El receives a review from its youngest reader yet.

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Like all great authors, Al Stone knows how to captivate a reader thoroughly. I see her writing style as original, intriguing and a new way to bring the next generation towards books. I say that because I know a lot of people who are looking for something out-of-this-world fictional yet human which the Talisman Of El is exactly. Just take Harry Potter and Twilight for instance-all including an exceptional amount of fiction and at the same time, humans (sort of). Stories like that are best sellers and this book will be one too.

I have never felt for any character in a story before till now. The descriptions create a vivid image in my mind and the personality of each character makes me see them as not a made up person from a story, but a real being and occasionally, I believe their tale is real! I could not devise a better way to write an ingenious book as this. Ms Stone has to be my new role model. She has made me seen there are unlimited new ways of writing, you just have to let your mind reach out to them, just as Ms Stone has.

But the book is what you want to hear me comment on! Just so many surprises in at least each chapter! I can recall going back every now and then to try and get a better understanding of what just happened. I would-just like Ms Stone-recommend this book for 10+ and no younger. Talisman Of El will always be my favourite book of all time and I can’t wait to share the book with someone else.

Reviewer: Deyonce, Age 10, UK

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