"The element of surprise is that which lies outside the boundaries of nature."

The Art of Interpretation

The Art of Interpretation

So, now that the Talisman Of El Blog Tour has come to an end, I’d like to say thank you to all the bloggers who participated. It has been a great few days. I had fun writing the guest posts and interviews, and I wanted to highlight one guest post in particular that I had a great time writing. It was a fun experience. Check out the post below.

Guest Post: The Art of Interpretation

by Al Stone

How someone interprets something is based on two things: how the information is relayed to you and how your mind translates it. I’ve been an avid reader for more than half of my life and one of the biggest issues I’ve had with literature is how information is presented to me. Often I am instructed how to interpret the elements of a book in order to get an understanding of its intention. That limits my imagination, and that frustrates me. The joy of reading is in experiencing something you have never experienced before. We read to escape.

Wording is the fundamental principle in the art of interpretation. Writing is comprised of one or two elements: intellect and intuition. Intellect is defined by conscious reasoning, whereas intuition isn’t. Intellect yields different opinions because it is based on the belief system of the individual and intuition is based on reality.

“Of course, I thought he’d finally cracked, but then he mentioned Thomas. You see, Thomas had told him about a place called Arcadia …’ His voice trailed off, and he exhaled. ‘Arcadia is a world at the centre of the earth.” Taken from Talisman Of El, Chapter Five

The quote above is from the scene where Charlie (main protagonist), Alex and Richmond meet Derkein Odessa for the first time.

Below are two forms of interpretation in regards to the above quote.

First interpretation:

Most of us are fascinated by the concept of alternate realities, but how can we as humans, who barely understand our own existence, expect to rely on conscious reasoning to explain something we do not understand?

Second interpretation:

How can a world exist in a vacuum?

Intellect is infectious. We are not born with it. We adapt to it.

Intuition is ignited when the individual is ready to accept the truth.

We all know how to walk. Let’s all learn how to fly.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out the post.

Al Stone