"The element of surprise is that which lies outside the boundaries of nature."



The Art of Reading

“There is an art of reading, as well as an art of thinking, and an art of writing.” – Isaac D’Israeli The one thing I never do before purchasing a book is read the reviews. I don’t read reviews for two reasons: the only actual voice I want to hear inside my head is my own [...]

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Self-Publishing: Side Effects

Are you an author? Are you looking for more exposure for your work? We all know self-publishing used to be the last resort for writers, but, as of late, due to the success of a few self-published authors, many writers see it as another means of getting their work out there. It’s a GIANT STEP [...]

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Why I Write

I did a blog tour in April, and one of the guest posts I did was titled “Why I Write”. I recently came across an article detailing a list in an essay written by the great George Orwell also titled “Why I write”. I found it rather interesting, so I thought I’d do a post [...]

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